Dear Hating Black Guys: mini blog 1

Dear Hating Black Guy(s),

Hello! Today is a great day. I’ve heard you over the Internet, making memes about us black women to hurt our feelings. Comments on how we have no real hair under our weaves. Paragraphs on how black women that don’t date black men (with or without good reason) are sell outs that hate our skin. Not feeling the love recently from our brothers.

Not all brothers are like this, so feel free to disregard if you don’t fit into the category. Otherwise, stop it. Stop spreading the hate and laughing at our expense. Not all black women are into black men. Sorry not sorry. Some of us are tired, some of us are not cisgendered/heteronormative, and others are not into you. Now, self hate is real…but don’t assume without knowing. I try to do the same.

Weave is a thing. Some of us love it and some of us just like to put our hair away. For the women that really have a problem with their natural hair in it’s “just wet” state, that’s another issue. Also, hair should not exceed a car payment but that is another issue again. Not all women that wear weave are bald either. We have hair. Some just like to put it away for a while. Try something new.


Black female student 🙂