For Beautiful Hair Have You Tried…

Healthy hair is a beautiful thing. My curls are very tight kinks, that you can see the curl pattern at the ends much better than the beginning or middle. When I cut my hair I wanted something different but still long hair was a good thing. I wanted to see if my hair could go past the tops of my shoulders. In my year and some change of trying products, searching YouTube, and reading sites one thing was missing. It was so vital that I felt silly for neglecting this fact. This is something that cannot be looked over, since without it beautiful hair, or anything, is not possible.

Have a healthy, vitamin and mineral filled diet with plenty of water!

It’s hard to do so. Even with a meal plan I know that I do not get all my required vitamins for the day. What happens when you don’t get enough vitamins day after day? You become deficient and your body struggles more and more to make up for your lack. Your hair can’t be all it can be without the needed tools. Anything in your body can’t be all it can be without the tools. I take a multivitamin supplement every day and try to incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains into my daily diet.

Water is much harder for me to drink. It tastes like nothing. I don’t want any weird aftertaste, of course, but it’s hard for water to compete with sweet tea and sodas. I’m trying to wean myself off the processed sugars but it’s a battle. I drink my supply of herbal teas along with more water. Your body needs water—it’s a fact of life. The American diet isn’t strong on the importance of water, but we need less sodas. It’s a fact.  For a healthier head of hair, and the rest of you, the secret is water & vitamins.


Of Coconut Oil & Head Wraps

“It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown, but why does the unknown has to be me?”

I’m sure that I can be considered an odd sight, with my multi patterned brown hued wrap and swishing cheeks that contained a mouthful of warmed coconut oil. Even more an odd sight am I walking along on campus with a mostly white population and very few ‘anyone else’. Of course I feel the stares before seeing them, almost like a supernatural sense. The logical equation is this: If I go outside with my head wrap, then it is true that people (more than 5) will stare.

The stares are different based on the person. Some are confused starers, others are neutral. Some are interested, others are bored (with classes/life). At times I am mistaken for Muslim. Other times people think I’m Afrocentric & Anti-American (because they tie the two together most times). I’m pretty sure that I’m not feared….at least I hope not. With my small stature I am not intimidating.

With my big jar of coconut oil I start my day by swishing a teaspoon or so around my mouth. It melts quickly, leaving a hint of coconut flavor as I go around and around. My suite mate gives me the odd look, like ‘why are you using oil like mouthwash?’ even though it promotes good oral health. I guess the idea of oil for more than oiling is strange here. Then I place a layer of oil on my face, rub thoroughly, place a hot cloth on my face and wipe gently away. Leaves my face soft and clean but I still get the strange look. Coconut oil is also good for sealing in moisture after a shower, just like a fancy scented lotion without the extra ingredients.

So I’m slapped with the ‘Black Hippie’ label, because hippies back in the day weren’t black (according to image searches lol) and since I’m black with the new wave ‘go green, use natural ingredients’ I’m a Black Hippie. Of coconut oil and head wraps, at least I stand out in individuality.


Yarn Braids Experience

Greetings everyone! It’s a whole New Year, which means a whole new routine to get into! This is my first post of 2016, after I registered for classes and other college business. Let’s get to the post, shall we?

Yarn Braids: Why Get Them?

This turned out to be a great protective style for anyone who wants to change it up by doing something different. As you see above I chose red and black acrylic yarn for my version. I wanted some color without the commitment of dying my hair.

Before You Install…

I had to make sure to shampoo, condition, and twist my hair for some stretch action. My hair likes shrinks a good bit so the twisting and drying is a must before braiding. I just shampooed and conditioned with Mane N’ Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner. My leave in was Eden Bodyworks Coconut Leave in Lotion. I used Organic Shea Butter to seal it and twist. Looking back on it, I would use a deep conditioner also for extra moisture.

The Process!

You see, I was on winter break with nothing to do. The college closed down and my job is online based, so I had plenty of time! I used around 3 days, at 2 or so hours each. It will probably take more gifted people less than 6-8 hours but I’m a beginning braider. Message_1450215993370

I got as close to the scalp as I could stand without slippage. I just removed by two strand twists, sprayed water & used leave in, and sealed with an avocado oil mix before braiding. My black yarn was pretty thick and easy to use but my red yarn was smaller in diameter. Get the thicker yarn brands…it pays off in the end. I ran out of black yarn eventually so I used several strands of red yarn to finish the look.

I moisturized my hair with my spray bottle of water and avocado oil mix. I had to squeeze the water and oil into the braids in little bunches after saturating. My scalp was out and extremely easy to moisturize and seal. I did shampoo and cowash my braids twice and kept the style for a month. Not bad for a random hairdo.

Taking them out!

Removing the braids was a long process. Longer than putting them in I would guess. I did the removal all in one afternoon/night. The thicker yarn was great. Clip the ends, unravel the braid, and slip it out of your hair. Used conditioner and oil to make my life a bit easier. The thinner yarn got stuck around itself in the braided pattern. The strands did not want to separate as easily, which was annoying. Maybe if I washed less it wouldn’t have that effect?

I removed all the braids, trimmed the ends of my hair, slapped in some Eden Body works Deep Conditioner in my sections and called it a night.

In the end, I liked the experiment. Maintenance was pretty easy–just moisturize and seal every couple of days. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Installing will take a minute, even with YouTube entertainment. My braiding skill needs some good practice so I will probably try this again. Just with thicker yarn next time. 😀