Max Hydration Days 2 & 3

Greetings! I am writing a little in the past so yea…hang with me over there!

Day 2 bled into day 3 since I was beginning to get ill. 😦

The start of day 2 was letting my Shea Moisture  Manuka Honey & Marfura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner sit on my hair for an hour, which included spraying with warm water beforehand and detangling within that hour. This stuff smells amazing and left my hair soft and supple, although it’s not on the Max Hydration approved list of products.*

After rinsing out with warm water I decided to shampoo out the bit of buildup I noticed from the previous day with Mirabelle Plum Sulfate-free Shampoo before applying the clay mask. I did some chores outside and went to bed, as my meds were taking me out for the evening.

Day three was the ending of day two for me, as I rinsed the clay out with lukewarm water before applying my conditioner liberally on all four sections of damp hair. I unbound my conditioned hair and used my pick to lightly fluff all around. I let my hair air-dry and went upon my day. 😀


Above: Hair freshly washed without conditioner. Picture is rough but the ends are getting all spiral curly. 🙂  A little bit frizzy at top but hair is starting to make spirals.

*I’m using up some of my old products instead of buying approved products to save money.


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