Switching Over

Hey everyone! This year has been pretty harsh on me (and everyone I know!) and I haven’t been able to blog and grow this site how I wanted to. Sorry about that. I dropped the ball and do hope everyone who wanted more content can forgive me.

This wordpress, NaturalJolie, is gonna be shut down around the first of the new year. I am setting up a new blog site called freeblackgirl.wordpress.com where I will start, and continue, to write about various topics from personal stuff to mental issues to travel writing as I work on a starting budget and go from there.

Thanks to everyone who favorited, subscribed, read, and even just peeked at this blog! Go check out my other site for new and fresh content and have a Happy Holidays!


Near Graduation!!!

Greetings! I haven’t been on in a while because….I’m graduating college this May!!!! Finally getting that four year degree after so much studying, blood, and tears!!! I’ve been writing papers, doing projects, and filling up on so much coffee that sleep is just a figment of my imagination! For the fans that have been waiting, I feel your pain and I shall return to the blogging life soon (and sorry for such a long wait)!