Kickstarter, or Asking Others for Cash!

Greetings everyone! 😀

While sitting around wondering what to do with my life (as Millennials are prone to do I guess) I decided to take that leap of faith by aspiring to make my hobby of natural hair/skin care products into a legit business.

First stop is the Coffee Infused Shea Butter Whip which is great for my hair (as a sealant) and skin. With Shea butter as the base, I mix Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and a blend of coffee infused oils into a soft, spreadable nourishing mixture.

I polled numerous Facebook hair groups and others agreed that this could be the start of a great idea. The problem with being a college graduate from a small home town is….being super broke. Yeah, everyone is broke in this economy. Just no investment money for my business project.

Gathering my Internet skills, I set out to start a Kickstarter for my Coffee Infused Shea Whip! (link: So there’s 27 more days left to fund my campaign, since I would like to start ASAP. The reward is an 8oz container of whip for $10, which I will ship to you when the project is funded!

So the question is what is in your mix that makes it so great? Let’s break down the benefits of my whip!

Shea Butter: Shea butter contains Vitamin A, E, F and others, that protect our bodies from free radicals. Free radicals damage your healthy cells so protecting your body from those bad boys is a great idea! Also inflammatory properties, which help to heal us of these scalp and skin conditions and allow our scalp (and body) to re-grow hair in a healthy environment.

Coconut Oil: Tagged as the holy grail of oils by many naturals and people looking for a natural alternative to almost everything, it adds luster, shine and softness to the hair. Pretty much unless you are allergic to coconuts, the oil is used for plenty of health reasons such as a pre-poo, conditioner, sealant, and more!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO): This thick, amber oil boosts the earthy smell of Shea butter in my mix. It has a host of applications such as increased hair growth, thickening hair that is starting to thin out, reduce and prevent hair damage, eliminate dry hair and much more.

Coffee (Caffeine): The boost to my whip is the coffee infusion! Caffeine helps regulate hair growth by interacting with your follicles. It boosts the growth of your hair during your hair cycle, promoting sweet new growth.

In a nutshell, my whip smells great (Like earthy coffee), is great for your hair, and just costs $10 to fund! Donate some of your cash and spread the link around to those who would love natural remedies!


Max Hydration Days 2 & 3

Greetings! I am writing a little in the past so yea…hang with me over there!

Day 2 bled into day 3 since I was beginning to get ill. 😦

The start of day 2 was letting my Shea Moisture  Manuka Honey & Marfura Oil Intensive Hydration Conditioner sit on my hair for an hour, which included spraying with warm water beforehand and detangling within that hour. This stuff smells amazing and left my hair soft and supple, although it’s not on the Max Hydration approved list of products.*

After rinsing out with warm water I decided to shampoo out the bit of buildup I noticed from the previous day with Mirabelle Plum Sulfate-free Shampoo before applying the clay mask. I did some chores outside and went to bed, as my meds were taking me out for the evening.

Day three was the ending of day two for me, as I rinsed the clay out with lukewarm water before applying my conditioner liberally on all four sections of damp hair. I unbound my conditioned hair and used my pick to lightly fluff all around. I let my hair air-dry and went upon my day. 😀


Above: Hair freshly washed without conditioner. Picture is rough but the ends are getting all spiral curly. 🙂  A little bit frizzy at top but hair is starting to make spirals.

*I’m using up some of my old products instead of buying approved products to save money.

The Max Hydration Method—Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog (for new and returning readers)! Summer is creeping on us! Hot weather and more days that we are wish were free to sit at the pool. Of course with all the additional pool/hot tub time that means more chlorine….which is horrible for all types of hair, especially natural hair! It dries out your hair, leaves a funky smell, and makes it change color at times.

Having the natural hair means that I need moisture, moisture, moisture! My type 4 hair is spiral and can have some cool twists and turns….as long as it’s not dry. Moisturized hair = happy curly hair! 😀

Thus comes in the Max Hydration Method! First, let’s give a basic run down of what the max method is.

THE MAX HYDRATION METHOD As talked about, proven, and explained in my other post, “wash and gos ‘don’t work’ on Nappy hair”(this method is ideal for those with majority of type 4 hair, but can be adjusted for other hair types depending on your hair’s needs):

in order for this method to work the most quickly and effectively; accurate, consistent, and frequent application of this method must be done on the hair. i’d say at least daily, but dont stretch it longer that every 3 days. this is how long conditioner will last in the hair.  while doing this be mindful of what your hair likes, so you can choose the proper options that will best benefit your hair.

you need to also have a proper understanding of the products and other things you put on your hair that your hair loses moisture from. this needs to be more than just a shallow understanding of “softness always means moisture” which is False. you need to understand what things affect (block) how your hairshaft actually absorbs the moisture, and what isnt effective enough to seal it in. this understanding can be better made by trying to read more of my post, “Wash and goes “don’t work” on Nappy Hair”.

even though i target this at those type 4s with low poros hair, if you believe you have naturally high porosity hair and are type 4 still experiment and see if this works for you. also make sure to do a strand test on hair ph balanced, clean hair for the most accurate results. its likely if your hair falls in many of the symptoms that i described in my other post, you could be mistaking your hairs porosity, or even mistaking natural porosity for temporarily opened cuticles. (

So basically it infuses moisture into your hair so your hair can go longer and longer before needing moisture. My hair definitely needs moisture so I thought it would be a great thing to try with the warmer summer months, where wash and gos won’t make me sick.

Personally I never tried the wash-n-go before this, as my hair tangles very easy. Shrunken hair is a great thing—it’s a sign of healthy natural hair taking in moisture, but I am more of a twist/stretched type of lady (because tangles). Yet, I will be attempting the dreaded wash-n-go to see if I can really “wash and go”.

(My steps) I didn’t have the ingredients for the Cherry Lola Treatment, which is suggested before starting the regimen. I don’t have the excess funds at the moment so I will come back to this at a later date.

The most of my first steps was getting warm water in my spray bottle and lots of Curls Coconut Conditioner (it was on sale and I love it!). My hair had been worn out in a fro for a week or two, so serious detangling was needed. Even with my Carol’s Daughter curl refresher spray my hair ended up more on the dry end by the time I detangled so it was not a fun hour and some change. It needed to be done though. After trimming my ends/some really stubborn knots I parted my hair into four workable sections and got to work.

I misted with warm water to soften up my hair, making sure to massage my scalp with my fingertips. Then I slathered on conditioner in small sections until the whole quarter of my hair was nicely conditioned. Using my fingers I gently prodded and pulled away most knots with the added slip, but some were too complicated to be saved at the ends…so they got the scissors. It happens.

After detangling my entire head, I gave a last mist with the warm water and covered with a plastic cap. I thought about rinsing after 15 mins, but left the conditioner overnight (I was sleepy lol).

I rinsed the conditioner out in the morning under warm running water. I had a stubborn tangle in the very nape that just wanted to cause trouble. Snip! The rest of my hair was well behaved however, with minimal tangles.

Next came the clay wash. I can never mix clay properly, so it ended up warm and pretty mushy. Yeah, at least I applied in the shower since it was pretty messy. Clay was applied to all four sections and rinsed off after 15 or so minutes with warm water.

Getting out the shower, I applied conditioner after patting my soaking wet hair. Conditioner was used….lots of conditioner. I saw those curls though, at the ends of my hair. My hair usually curls at the ends and goes up from there, so I saw some promise after 1 day of a partial cycle. >.< I am going to repeat for the rest of the week and see how my hair reacts. 😀

Here is a link to the complete method for those who are curious!

Learning about Bentonite Clay!

So I am currently trying a new product. It’s a grey powder that doesn’t have a smell and wasn’t too expensive at my local Sally’s beauty store. It’s bentonite clay.

Here is what bentonite clay is according to Wiki:

Bentonite is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite. It was named by Wilbur C. Knight in 1898 after the Cretaceous Benton Shale nearRock River, Wyoming.[1][2]

The different types of bentonite are each named after the respective dominant element, such as potassium (K), sodium (Na), calcium (Ca), and aluminium (Al). Experts debate a number of nomenclatorial problems with the classification of bentonite clays. Bentonite usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water.

Bentonite clay is used for both hair and face to detox and cleanse. It also has the ability to define curls for those who have curly/kinky hair. So it’s a natural shampoo, detox, and curl enhancer all in one! Plus it’s a more natural way of caring for your self so what’s there not to love?

Attempt 1: For my first attempt I mixed a fair, which turned out to be too much, amount of clay with my apple cider vinegar and water. A small amount of fizzing happened but not much, which led me to think that I’ve had that cider open for a little bit too long. It was a conditioner consistency but I did spread it out on my hair. I went about my hour or so with no cap, letting the clay harden before washing out. I did have some hair chalk residue in my hair. The color was lifted completely….but a day or two later I had small chunks of clay stuck in the top part of my head!!!! These chunks were tiny and dark fitting in with small bits of hair chalk instead of clay. Ooops lol! My hair didn’t feel too special and had a small whiff of vinegar that I expected to wear off. The smell lingered longer that normal from an apple cider vinegar rinse which wasn’t pleasant.

Attempt 2: Determined I decided to try the next day. My hair wasn’t really soft or hard, just wet the first time. I used warmed Aussie Moist conditioner and coconut oil, then added the clay and water. The mix was pretty thick and clumpy, even after mixing the warm water. I mixed more water than the first time but the clumps still didn’t go away. I took the warm mixture in my hand, spread evenly in my palms, and rubbed it through my damp locks. I used a plastic cap to keep the clay from drying this time and let it set for an hour before rinsing with warm water. My curls were hanging more than the first time, especially the ones in the back. My hair is fairly short but it felt softer than the first time although the mixture was lumpy and thick. I think the conditioner and oil helped with the softness and moisture.

I haven’t had a third attempt yet, but will be soon. My hair felt clean both times yet the second time was more moisturized than the first. I will probably leave out the apple cider vinegar since I do not have anymore, but if I do get more apple cider I will make sure to get the one with the mother still intact. A more natural, organic vinegar will have a more positive effect than the diluted store version. 😀


L’Oreal Liquid Chalk Review

Hey everyone! I am back with some color for those cold winter nights! 😀 This is my review of the L’Oreal Liquid Chalk! I did not take pics unfortunately but feel free to ask questions about how it turned out!

Previous Hair Color: Natural black
Hair Style: Two strand twists (with a right side flat twist)
For my method of application, I had my hair in mostly two strand twists with the right side flat twisted.
Product: Shimmery purple liquid (Very Violet color), thin in constancy–a bit runny.

I would use gloves to apply this product again. It does stain your fingers, but it wears off after a few washes (or about a day).It’s also really runny, so it will get down your fingers and hands. I started off applying it with two fingers, then switched to holding the ends of my twists under a cloth while letting the color drip and saturate the ends. It states on the directions that it lasts an average of two shampoos depending on how much you apply and the porosity of your hair. It lasted around two days of wear but the color did start to fade from a vibrant violet to a semi shimmering purple.

It is a good alternative to semi permanent hair dye and it cost around 7.50 at Sally’s. You will have to reapply during the week, especially with low porosity hair. I had to pour a good bit into my fingers because I have black hair and needed a bit more to see it. It does make the parts of your hair dry and a bit crunchy when it dries, but it could be because of my extra pouring. Right now I am soaking my hair in coconut oil before washing it but the color was coming out in my hands as I layered the oil. I’m sure it will wash out very quickly in the shower, especially with sulfate/sulfate-free shampoo.

Trims and Coconut Oil

Snip. Snip. Twist. Snip.

I have decided that those tangled little ends had to go. I couldn’t put off looking for a salon any longer. My split ends just had to go that day, as I was twisting my hair into another two strand style.

Snip. Snip. Snip. Snip.

The ball of hair kept growing and growing as each end of my twists were trimmed and dusted. I probably lost around an inch around my whole head, some places may have lost a little more. I’m not much of a fan of cutting my hair. I can enjoy short hair but I rather have the ends brush against my shoulder as I do a head turn. Much more dramatic.

I had slathered my hair in coconut oil before the wash, twist, and snip process. Slap on a plastic cap and sit for around an hour to burn some time. Detangling was much easier afterwards, so that’s a bit of good news.

Now to see about some color…..

Yarn Braids Experience

Greetings everyone! It’s a whole New Year, which means a whole new routine to get into! This is my first post of 2016, after I registered for classes and other college business. Let’s get to the post, shall we?

Yarn Braids: Why Get Them?

This turned out to be a great protective style for anyone who wants to change it up by doing something different. As you see above I chose red and black acrylic yarn for my version. I wanted some color without the commitment of dying my hair.

Before You Install…

I had to make sure to shampoo, condition, and twist my hair for some stretch action. My hair likes shrinks a good bit so the twisting and drying is a must before braiding. I just shampooed and conditioned with Mane N’ Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner. My leave in was Eden Bodyworks Coconut Leave in Lotion. I used Organic Shea Butter to seal it and twist. Looking back on it, I would use a deep conditioner also for extra moisture.

The Process!

You see, I was on winter break with nothing to do. The college closed down and my job is online based, so I had plenty of time! I used around 3 days, at 2 or so hours each. It will probably take more gifted people less than 6-8 hours but I’m a beginning braider. Message_1450215993370

I got as close to the scalp as I could stand without slippage. I just removed by two strand twists, sprayed water & used leave in, and sealed with an avocado oil mix before braiding. My black yarn was pretty thick and easy to use but my red yarn was smaller in diameter. Get the thicker yarn brands…it pays off in the end. I ran out of black yarn eventually so I used several strands of red yarn to finish the look.

I moisturized my hair with my spray bottle of water and avocado oil mix. I had to squeeze the water and oil into the braids in little bunches after saturating. My scalp was out and extremely easy to moisturize and seal. I did shampoo and cowash my braids twice and kept the style for a month. Not bad for a random hairdo.

Taking them out!

Removing the braids was a long process. Longer than putting them in I would guess. I did the removal all in one afternoon/night. The thicker yarn was great. Clip the ends, unravel the braid, and slip it out of your hair. Used conditioner and oil to make my life a bit easier. The thinner yarn got stuck around itself in the braided pattern. The strands did not want to separate as easily, which was annoying. Maybe if I washed less it wouldn’t have that effect?

I removed all the braids, trimmed the ends of my hair, slapped in some Eden Body works Deep Conditioner in my sections and called it a night.

In the end, I liked the experiment. Maintenance was pretty easy–just moisturize and seal every couple of days. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Installing will take a minute, even with YouTube entertainment. My braiding skill needs some good practice so I will probably try this again. Just with thicker yarn next time. 😀