The Max Hydration Method—Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog (for new and returning readers)! Summer is creeping on us! Hot weather and more days that we are wish were free to sit at the pool. Of course with all the additional pool/hot tub time that means more chlorine….which is horrible for all types of hair, especially natural hair! It dries out your hair, leaves a funky smell, and makes it change color at times.

Having the natural hair means that I need moisture, moisture, moisture! My type 4 hair is spiral and can have some cool twists and turns….as long as it’s not dry. Moisturized hair = happy curly hair! 😀

Thus comes in the Max Hydration Method! First, let’s give a basic run down of what the max method is.

THE MAX HYDRATION METHOD As talked about, proven, and explained in my other post, “wash and gos ‘don’t work’ on Nappy hair”(this method is ideal for those with majority of type 4 hair, but can be adjusted for other hair types depending on your hair’s needs):

in order for this method to work the most quickly and effectively; accurate, consistent, and frequent application of this method must be done on the hair. i’d say at least daily, but dont stretch it longer that every 3 days. this is how long conditioner will last in the hair.  while doing this be mindful of what your hair likes, so you can choose the proper options that will best benefit your hair.

you need to also have a proper understanding of the products and other things you put on your hair that your hair loses moisture from. this needs to be more than just a shallow understanding of “softness always means moisture” which is False. you need to understand what things affect (block) how your hairshaft actually absorbs the moisture, and what isnt effective enough to seal it in. this understanding can be better made by trying to read more of my post, “Wash and goes “don’t work” on Nappy Hair”.

even though i target this at those type 4s with low poros hair, if you believe you have naturally high porosity hair and are type 4 still experiment and see if this works for you. also make sure to do a strand test on hair ph balanced, clean hair for the most accurate results. its likely if your hair falls in many of the symptoms that i described in my other post, you could be mistaking your hairs porosity, or even mistaking natural porosity for temporarily opened cuticles. (

So basically it infuses moisture into your hair so your hair can go longer and longer before needing moisture. My hair definitely needs moisture so I thought it would be a great thing to try with the warmer summer months, where wash and gos won’t make me sick.

Personally I never tried the wash-n-go before this, as my hair tangles very easy. Shrunken hair is a great thing—it’s a sign of healthy natural hair taking in moisture, but I am more of a twist/stretched type of lady (because tangles). Yet, I will be attempting the dreaded wash-n-go to see if I can really “wash and go”.

(My steps) I didn’t have the ingredients for the Cherry Lola Treatment, which is suggested before starting the regimen. I don’t have the excess funds at the moment so I will come back to this at a later date.

The most of my first steps was getting warm water in my spray bottle and lots of Curls Coconut Conditioner (it was on sale and I love it!). My hair had been worn out in a fro for a week or two, so serious detangling was needed. Even with my Carol’s Daughter curl refresher spray my hair ended up more on the dry end by the time I detangled so it was not a fun hour and some change. It needed to be done though. After trimming my ends/some really stubborn knots I parted my hair into four workable sections and got to work.

I misted with warm water to soften up my hair, making sure to massage my scalp with my fingertips. Then I slathered on conditioner in small sections until the whole quarter of my hair was nicely conditioned. Using my fingers I gently prodded and pulled away most knots with the added slip, but some were too complicated to be saved at the ends…so they got the scissors. It happens.

After detangling my entire head, I gave a last mist with the warm water and covered with a plastic cap. I thought about rinsing after 15 mins, but left the conditioner overnight (I was sleepy lol).

I rinsed the conditioner out in the morning under warm running water. I had a stubborn tangle in the very nape that just wanted to cause trouble. Snip! The rest of my hair was well behaved however, with minimal tangles.

Next came the clay wash. I can never mix clay properly, so it ended up warm and pretty mushy. Yeah, at least I applied in the shower since it was pretty messy. Clay was applied to all four sections and rinsed off after 15 or so minutes with warm water.

Getting out the shower, I applied conditioner after patting my soaking wet hair. Conditioner was used….lots of conditioner. I saw those curls though, at the ends of my hair. My hair usually curls at the ends and goes up from there, so I saw some promise after 1 day of a partial cycle. >.< I am going to repeat for the rest of the week and see how my hair reacts. 😀

Here is a link to the complete method for those who are curious!