Blue Lives Matter

One hundred fourteen and counting.

Somewhere between the cries for justice one will post #bluelivesmatter and a chorus will chant.

Knowingly, #bluelivesmatter is worse than Santa or The Bunny.

At least after exposing those lies hurt feelings are the only fatality.

Don’t say #bluelivesmatter when people of color are getting moved down in this country.

Don’t say #bluelivesmatter when the poster child is a man whiter than alabaster with a gleaming badge and disarming smile.

Don’t say #bluelivesmatter when a cop-veteran of over twenty years has the same chance of getting gunned down because of his skin.

That is my reality.

Since we’re only been saying #bluelivesmatter when one is accusing of gunning down a person of color

One hundred fourteen times and counting.

From the rural areas to the florescent lights not one place is safe

Cause our color is like a bull’s eye to a trigger happy child.

Even a cop of color isn’t safe and blanketed from the #bluelivesmatter or systematic racism

They are actually in more danger than others.

The trigger happy ones are their partners who must have their back as they go about their sworn duty

Those same ones could pull off that badge and put on a bullet

And some will just chant #bluelivesmatter while he gets a slap on the wrist.

So actually, your hashtag is just a silly cover protecting those who should not be equipped with that much responsibility.

Like #alllivesmatter only some of the force will be covered

While the rest will always walk with the bull’s eye on their chests.



Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Solid wings, black as ink.

Strong enough to carry her anywhere she wishes.

Such a sweet person I am, they say.

I, so sweet, carry these black raven wings on my back.

So easily able to fly away, if not for the cage.

The metal wire cage.

Bent but not broken.

Not yet.

I look at the wire, to find a way to escape.

Breaking it down, bit by bit.

With solid wings, black as ink.


High School Poetry (before 2008). Enjoy!

Prices are sky high.

People are being killed everyday, on both sides.

The economy is traveling into a downward spiral…

The present United States of America.

A great country full of proud people…some with egos larger than life itself.

Prices are sky high.

People are being killed everyday, on both sides.

The economy is traveling into a downward spiral…

A war is being fought, but over what?

Is it over pride?

Is it over oil?

Is it retaliation?

A war is being fought, people dying everyday.

The endless blood…

The countless lives ruined…

The many families destroyed…

The people losing faith in humanity…

We are in a war…

The economy is in a recession…

Gas prices are unbearably high…

Money, the spread is just too thin…

All of this, but for what?